Gelati Celesti Ice Cream


Our customers tell us that just a single spoonful of Gelati Celesti is indescribably good. Rich, decadent, creamy goodness. Perhaps even teetering on transcendental.

A moment of pure joy. What makes our ice cream so heavenly? We pride ourselves on offering an exceptional product with the very best flavor possible. Our ice cream tastes exactly how great ice cream should taste—pure, fresh and natural. Each batch of Gelati Celesti ice cream is made by hand with only the finest ingredients from around the world. Flavors are churned in small batches using special Italian equipment. The micro-batch process allows us to care for and consider each scoop of ice cream that we serve. The hand-crafted process may take longer, but we think it makes our ice cream that much better. And our proprietary process minimizes the air whipped into our product, making it uniquely flavorful, thick and creamy, and flat out special.

In addition to our 24 House Favorites and more than 85 flavors that are rotated throughout the year, we offer made-to-order ice cream pies and cakes personally decorated for any occasion. And when you just can’t get enough, we will hand-pack your favorite flavors in quart or pint containers so you can have Gelati Celesti at home or wherever you get the craving.

We invite you to treat yourself to a little scoop of heaven!


754 First Colonial Road

Virginia Beach, VA 23451


(757) 937-0471


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