Cryosculpt Therapy & Sweat Spa

CryoSculpt Therapy, formerly Colon Hygiene Therapy was founded with a passion for vibrant health and healing services that are transformative for each and every client we serve. Our founder “V” has grown her practice from offering colon hydrotherapy to also specializing in cryolipolisis, a holistic alternative to liposuction and skin tightening.

​At CryoSculpt Therapy clients also enjoy the benefits of our high tech lymphatic drainage therapy system and red light therapy infrared sauna sessions paired with chromo and salt therapy features. Every treatment room at our facility is designed to offer a relaxing and healing experience.

​If you have yet to visit our facility, we look forward to being a transformative, positive and healing part of your health journey.


636 Hilltop West Shopping Center

Virginia Beach, VA 23451


(757) 296-7111


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