Airotciv by Victoria Boutique

Hi Beautiful, Victoria here AKA Airotciv spelled backwards! I can’t wait to share my story with you. To tell you a little about how Airotciv began, let’s take a trip down memory lane to my college dorm in 2016. I created my first jewelry pieces to enhance my outfits and bring out my beauty from within. The pieces I made were originally for myself, but as time went on it spread to close friends, and then friends of friends and thus, AIROTCIV by Victoria was born.

While growing as a young sole-entrepreneur, the support from family and friends gave me the ability to develop my brand to become a staple of women’s jewelry. Each piece is as unique as the women they complement, as they are hand-made and selected by myself, Victoria. Women near and far have begun their golden journey with me, a journey that includes everyday luxurious jewelry to ensure every woman feels confident. I love being a part of their story and seeing how women around the world wear their Airotciv by Victoria jewelry.

In 2020, I graduated early due to the pandemic and turned all my attention and passions to Airotciv. Airotciv was my calling and with the Airotciv community supporting my vision, my small side business quickly transformed into a career of doing what I love. Giving back is really important to me and a huge part of who I am so I have made it part of my mission to give back to philanthropies along my journey.

Airotciv is about enriching the lives of others. The lives of beautiful humans and the Earth we share, whether near or far, alike or different- every single one. Airotciv by Victoria is more than a jewelry line—it’s a meaningful experience that is bringing confidence and love to women.

Airotciv tells the story of women all over the world. It has a way of inspiring one’s true confidence while layered in classic, effortless pieces that will be cherished for generations to come.


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