How to Prepare for a Snowday in Virginia Beach

How to Prepare for a Snowday in Virginia Beach.

As the  6:30 a.m. alarm blared this morning, so did news of the impending “snowstorm.” As unlikely an event as it may seem, the area’s impending 2-4” snowfall expected later this afternoon wreaks havoc with everyone in its midst, and signals a need to “prepare for the worst” although this size storm in Michigan wouldn’t even be “an event.”

As we get closer to the main event, here are a few tips from us that will help you get through the next few snowy days comfortably.

1. Stock up on good food. Whether you stop in for takeout, or pick up fresh foods at  #TheFreshMarket and #Taste, there are plenty of healthy and tasty options available to suit every palate. Looking for vegan? We offer that, too, with fresh foods at #Fruitive or #NorthEndJuiceCo.

2. Find fun things to do inside, especially if the kids are home from school tomorrow. Visit #MomAndMeBoutique and #Sprout for a variety of toys, games, and fun things to keep your children occupied, once they tire of playing outside in the snow.

3. Pick up warm accessories today. Whether you’re planning a playday with your children outside, or may simply be driving in snowy conditions and find yourself in need of a few layers of extra warmth, #GreatOutDoorProvisionCo has the layers you’ll need to protect you from the elements. Coats, hats, boots, gloves, they specialize in outdoor gear for every season.

4. Need something to sip on to help you keep warm?  Yes, you’ll find that here, too. Visit #TASTE, #TintoWine and #Bottlecraft today for wine and brews that may help ward off the chill from the inside out! Perhaps pickup some prepared foods from #TheFreshMarket or #Subway, or any of our 25 restaurants onsite, so you won’t need to cook on your unplanned day off. You’ll thank us for it later.

5.  Finally, don’t forget to stock-up on the important things like batteries from #OfficeDepot and blankets from #SteinMart in the event the storm turns more serious and we lose power.  It’s better to be over-prepared should things take a turn for the worst.

Snow days can be a fun way to enjoy a family bonding day with a little advance planning. Prepare today and enjoy a fantastic day at home tomorrow. Stay warm!